SOS Online Backup Prepares for World Backup Day

March 28, 2012

Did you know that all of the people on this earth will create 1.8 zettabytes of data this year? We are  constantly tweeting, taking photos, creating videos, writing documents, completing credit card transactions, and storing all of these records digitally. Businesses and individuals alike are wise to backup this data in a reliable and secure off-site data center, so that no harm can ever come to them.

World Backup Day is here to draw attention to the billions of files that are lost every year. Of course, they wouldn’t be lost, or ever at risk of it, if they were backed up properly. World Backup Day reminds us of a few very important facts about online backup:

1. It’s easy!

SOS Online Backup allows you to backup all your data with one account and schedule backups automatically. Backing up is so simple and effortless with SOS because it’s impossible to forget to do it!

You can quickly download a 175GB free trial from SOS Online Backup for Business by clicking here.

2. It’s affordable

Backing up five PCs at home is simple and affordable. SOS Online Backup for Home plans cost as little as 21 cents per day!

3. External hard drives and flash drives aren’t backup

If backups aren’t online, they aren’t secure. If backups aren’t automatic, then they aren’t guaranteed to get done as frequently as we need to do them. SOS goes the extra mile to encrypt all backed up data in three different tiers: locally, in transit, and at rest in the data center. Online backup shouldn’t just be simple, it should be secure, too!

Learn more about World Backup Day at Join the 500,000 SOS Online Backup customers around the world in protecting your data reliably and regularly!

Download your free SOS Online Backup for Home trial here.

For businesses, with more than five PCs, download your SOS Online Backup for Business trial here.

Cloud Storage Reviews: The Cloud is Here to Stay –

March 14, 2012 published a fascinating and very revealing article about the use of cloud services in business. At SOS, we love statistics, and this article is chock full of them. Check out some of these insightful statistics about cloud backup in business, brought to you by

1. 70 percent of businesses are either using or investigating cloud computing solutions.

2. In 2011, two-thirds of companies surveyed were planning or had already deployed cloud-based technologies.

3. 30% of small and mid-size businesses (SMBs) used cloud software in 2011.

4. Worldwide IT spending on cloud computing has increased more than 25 percent from 2008 to 2012.

5. 48 percent of U.S. government agencies moved at least one workflow to the cloud following the new requirement that federal agencies adopt a “cloud-first” policy.

For all those businesses that have readily adopted cloud computing and embraced it with open arms, there is a group of hold out SMBs that are resisting the move to the cloud. The article approaches another potent topic – arguments against cloud computing.

Argument 1: cloud computing is just another iteration of SaaS and ASP, which ultimately failed.

Wired counters this argument by observing that bandwidth of much cheaper these days, which was a major impediment to ASP and SaaS in the past.

Argument 2: Security and compliance are weaker in the cloud

Actually, it’s often stronger and better. Wired quotes a 2010 survey that showed 57 percent of respondents agreed that cloud computing actually improved their security.

Argument 3: Cloud computing is too expensive

SMBs often find cloud computing to be affordable and allow for the outsourcing of core competencies such as security and data center hosting. This brings them the benefits of this cloud-centric security knowledge, without the cost. A study cited by Wired notes that 74 percent of the respondents said that using the cloud reduced their infrastructure costs.

Are you considering backing your business up to the cloud? You can start a 175GB 14 day free trial with SOS Online Backup for Business right now. Check us out, see why SOS has won the PC Magazine Editor’s Choice award four times. Download the free 175GB trial here.

SOS also offers affordable server backup solutions (without a hardware purchase requirement!). Backup your entire business – from workstations to Exchange servers to SQL servers with SOS. Learn more about our total business backup solution, SOS ServerSave.

Fixing the Yarn… with Life’s Lessons

June 28, 2011

We all get caught up in the latest terms and industry trends and tend to focus on that, but what is most important is understanding the needs of you “the customer” in the “real world”. From an Online Backup industry perspective, we see lot of chatter about ‘clouds’, ‘petabytes’, ‘storage pods’, ‘bandwidth’ & some more fancy jargons… Some of our compatriots in the cloud-based backup genre stay cocooned in a “make-believe bubble” – they feel self-important, smarter & different from competition. But they forget a basic tenet: we are in an industry to serve the need of the consumers by protecting their digital existence & identity – both personal & professional.

Going forward, periodically we are going to post some “real-life” feedback from SOS customers, their experiences with our service, both the good & the bad… It’s from their feedback we evolve & progress… & not by spinning the i’s in the Cloud…

In the words of one of our ‘White-Label’ partner:

“If you’ve ever had a computer crash, then you’ll already know the significance of backing up. However, if you’re surfing along in oblivion, stop before it’s too late. Think of all your digital photos — your child’s first birthday, last year’s summer vacation – G-O-N-E. If it’s a work computer, are there things you need for work that you’d be lost without? Back up now. Rely on SOS…”


A technology provider commending our Partner Delivery Team:

“Thank you PK…You are a superstar!

We have just moved from Louisiana to Virginia & I have been through two bad hard drives in the last 4 weeks. It has been a difficult time! Am back to work now & raring to go, thanks to your relentless support!

Thank you for your understanding.”

PK – you are a superstar indeed!

Just a happy customer:

“I switched from Mozy to SOS, and couldn’t be happier. I switched because I was upset at Mozy’s price hike, but I’m glad I did because now I can backup ALL my computers, (and I have about 6 of them) all within my plan.

Your software is techie enough to make someone like me happy and your support was able to answer all my questions.

I’m happy with your service… After you get robbed, lose your laptop, or your house burns down, you will realize that NOBODY should go without online backup. Seriously (I was robbed)!

Try to get back your lifetime worth of pictures from a computer that is gone?”

Thanks Marshall, for that. We share the same concerns, for our customers.

Our vow – we at SOS will shun the fancy bubble, & keep doing what we do best… protect your life, family & business, from data loss threats.

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