Another big update to our Android app: scheduled backup is here!

July 30, 2012

The newest version of SOS for Android adds a fantastic new feature: scheduled backup. Set your phone or tablet to automatically check for new items once per day and back them up to your private cloud. We also added an option to perform a backup each time the device is plugged into power.

Plus, there’s a new Favorites list! You can “star” any folder in your cloud to add it to Favorites for quick access.

If you have an Android device, you need SOS for Android on-board protecting your pictures, videos, music, apps, SD card and more.

The awesome download is here.

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Carbonite Vs Mozy Vs SOS : SOS Online Backup Wins the Speed Test

March 9, 2012

There is a lot of talk about initial backup speeds – and usually these conversations are in the context of “initial backups are slower than molasses”. This is because a system designed to do small back ups is being asked to do a very large backup – like a business might do. It’s also because many online backup software solutions don’t want to move backups to the cloud quickly. It’s more expensive than moving it at a “slow as molasses” pace.

You know the old phrase “slow and steady wins the race”? That definitely doesn’t apply to online backup.

SOS Online Backup is designed to do fast initial uploads. We understand that you’re putting your data in the safety of the cloud because you want it to be secure. Getting data up into the cloud faster allows it to be secured and protected much more quickly.

SOS Online Backup conducted an off site speed test against Mozy home software and Carbonite home software. The results were surprisingly stark. SOS Online Backup won the speed test. SOS Online Backup was able to do an initial upload 20.2 GB of data in  just 23 hours and 29 minutes. 

We certainly recommend factoring in initial upload speed into determining the general quality of the online backup software you purchase for your home or business. A slow initial upload will mean that there may be additional hurdles and limitations yet to be discovered.

Click here to review the technical specifications of this off site speed test.

Have you heard? SOS Online Backup just launched a 15GB secure online backup plan for Android backup and PC backup! Download it in the Android market today for just $3.95 (this price is  good through March 12th).

Cloud Backup for Holiday Fun : Data Backup Options

December 27, 2011

The holidays are approaching quickly and I’m seeing the usual trends.  My work with residential clients is winding down for the year while my corporate clients are keeping me hopping with spending the last of the year’s budgets before the rapidly approaching deadline.  The funny thing is the fact that my corporate clients are generally on a pretty solid technology base, having had consistent IT support throughout the year, while the residential clients are actually the ones adding new technology without the thought of the infrastructure required to sustain it.


Normally infrastructure is a word that people associate with corporate networks and information technology.  Infrastructure is the backbone of the network, the ‘back end’, encompassing the equipment, systems and processes that help keep the actual ‘front end’ equipment running smoothly.  What’s the difference?


We all know the front-end equipment.  It’s what we use and what we play with at home.  iTunes, game software, printers and the sweet machine we’ve built to play the most modern and immersive games.  All of these devices have to be supported by the back-end.


How does that multiplayer online game work?  From your PC, the data travels to a switch (if you have multiple devices) then to a router before flitting off to the Internet.  If any of those devices fail or are underpowered, the front-end experience suffers.

Let’s discuss some of the back-end equipment and systems I think every home user should be thinking about this holiday season.


How much storage space do you have?  These are your hard drives, where actual data is stored.  Data can be anything from the mass of songs purchased through the online music service to the photos and videos from your family event.

Ask these questions:

1. Do I have enough storage space?  Do I need to add an external hard drive for storage?

2. What happens if any of these devices fail?  Can I recover the data?


We gather data because we want to keep it.  Sounds like a simple concept.  We take pictures because we want to look at them later just as we download songs because we want to listen to them down the road.  The storage systems we use today in modern computing are prone to failure, so we have to have a system in place for that eventuality.

Ask these questions:

1. What am I willing to lose?

2. For the items not falling into question 1, how are you protecting them?

Keep Thinking

If you’ve read any of my articles in the past, you probably know that I’m going to give you a lecture about backing up your data.  You’re certainly in the right on that point, but I’m going to also give you some insight about where I’m coming from.  As a computer consultant with more years under my belt than I usually like to admit, I’ve found that the most effective thing I can do to as a business is to keep my customers happy.  Customers are always happy when I can provide the newest technology, bells and whistles.  It all falls down though if the fancy accounting system I installed crashes and all of their financial data is lost.  Recommending good backup strategies help me keep customers, both residential and corporate.  The biggest addition they bring to my bottom line is helping me keep that customer after disaster eventually hits.  I hate to tell a customer that they’ve lost data and I’ve had to do just that far more often than I like.

Think about your back-end at home.  You love the front-end toys and gizmos, so keep up the care and feeding of the systems that make them work.

— The Backup Master

New prices available today at : Cloud Backup Pricing Plan for Home & Business

December 13, 2011

We’re excited to announce that we’ve added new prices for business cloud backup and home cloud backup!

Available today, purchase 175 GB of business cloud backup for $299.99  – for unlimited PCs. The possibilities are endless when you’re backing up unlimited PCs. Backup an unlimited number of fileservers, an entire laptop fleet, or PCs in multiple offices with one account. If you happen to backup more than your 175 GB, you can always chat with a SOS representative and upgrade your account.

Click  here to learn more about SOS for Business features, such as HIPAA and SSAE 16 compliance.

We have a new home backup account size as well – backup 150 GB on 5 PCs for $199! Backup your home photos, vacation videos, important tax documents, and anything else you want to keep safe off site.

All SOS Online Backup accounts are protected with military-grade, three-tiered encryption – first locally, then in transit, and “at rest” in the data center. All accounts are also equipped with mobile management. Access and share your documents anywhere, any time!

The Value in Automating your Online Backup : Continuous Data Protection

December 6, 2011

A customer shared a story with me about his online backup and I thought I would share it with my readers.  I thought it was a unique use of online backup technology as the user was creating additional value to his already valuable backup service.

Troy and his wife Mary have three children and are involved in more activities than even I am, and I run my own consulting business.  From coaching soccer to visiting dance and music recitals, Troy and Mary tend to take a lot of pictures.  Through coaching of my own, the couple protects all of these pictures through online backup software.  Once the pictures are transferred from the cameras and the phones, they are immediately backed up securely and safely online.

Here’s where Troy has added value to his account.  Troy’s extended family lives pretty much all over the states, with some spread out overseas.  In the past, he had been using an online photo sharing website to share the pictures with his family, but making the time to upload the pictures and organize them was becoming too time-consuming.  He had been busy one week and hadn’t updated the shared photos for a while when his sister called and asked him.  She said she knew he was busy, but everyone enjoyed the pictures and she would help him keep it updated if she could.

After a little bit of though, Troy walked his out of state sister through logging into his online backup account on the web.  He showed her the directory structure, where the new photos were stored and how to ‘restore’ or download them to her machine.

As of now, some of the family still views the photos on the sharing website, while others simply download them from the online backup account.  Within hours of Troy transferring the photos to his computer, the family can log in and make yet another backup, to their own home machines for their own enjoyment.  No additional work for Troy, but a great deal of additional benefit for his extended family.

What are some creative ways you are using online backup?  The automated features of online backup services and the quick web-based restores have a wide range of creative possibilities beyond just the concept of insurance for your important data.  Think of your backup as a sort of automated online storage vault you can access from anywhere.  It’s backup and so much more.

— The Backup Master

eChannelLine USA: SOS launches new low-cost, high margin total data cloud protection offering

November 9, 2011

Mark Cox from eChannelLine USA spent some time reviewing SOS’s newest release, SOS ServerSave, today with Ken Shaw, CEO of SOS Online Backup. eChannelLine USA closely tracks the channel sales and VAR segment of the IT solutions business.  We’re very excited about SOS ServerSave, particularly for the great opportunity for high margin sales it gives our VARs and MSPs. In some cases, it allows our resellers to become much larger businesses, by expanding their product and service offerings.

As Ken pointed out, the industry is at a point in which demand for online backup is about to increase greatly. Analyst firm IDC confirms:

“60% of those who buy our home user products are businesses,” Shaw said. “We find the five seat market is the threshold. Below that, companies tend to act as consumers and buy consumer products. But consumers and SOHOs have also led the adoption of backup. Small businesses, in the 50-100 seat space, are on longer replacement cycles, and they have something now, so it’s typically more of a replacement sale. We are just now seeing massive increase in adoption spend in 50-100 seat businesses.” He pointed out that IDC recently found that while only 16% of small businesses use online backup today, 69% plan to get it.

That’s where SOS’s new offering comes in, catering to this burgeoning demand with a total protection package that offers this market business grade rather than consumer grade solutions. It offers backup and recovery for Exchange, Windows Server, SharePoint, and SQL database, Bare Metal backup and recovery, archiving to protect against accidental deletion, and mobile backup capacity. Several of these — the Bare Metal Exchange, SQL and SharePoint offerings — were not sold separately by SOS before.

Since demand is about to increase, this allows SOS and its partners to become more competitive.

Aside from offering more features than the major brands in the small business space, the price is low, and reseller margins are high.

“The real story here is the price point,” Shaw said. “Enterprise vendors offer all this, but it has never been bundled at a price point that’s intelligent for small businesses before now. We offer it to partners for as little as $70 a month — and as low as $30 with volume commitments, so they make very attractive margins.” The recommended resale price is $129 per month, although Shaw said some partners in less price sensitive verticals sell it for considerably more than that.

If you would like more information on SOS ServerSave, visit the home page here. You can check out features and sign up for a webinar.

Take a look at the entire eChannelLine article by Mark Cox here. New App Offers Complete Facebook Profile Backup

October 19, 2011 asks a very important question:

What if you suddenly lost access to all of the photos, videos, status updates, wall posts, friends’ information, and other data on your Facebook account?

At SOS, we thought this was a pretty important question, so we came up with a solution to address it. 8 million Facebook users have in the past been locked out of their accounts or their accounts had been hacked, and the data compromised. Our newest edition of SOS Online Backup backs up your entire digital life, protecting all of your data on Facebook and consequently protecting your friends.

The things that you can do in SOS Social Backup include:

  • Speedy, simple setup (we signed up in seconds and received an email about our first successful backup in minutes);
  • Customize settings and choose which elements of Facebook profiles to back up, and when;
  • You can view your backup history and restore profiles to any of the saved dates or times;
  • Go back and look at what your Facebook profile looked like at any backup point (Shaw called it “a time machine for Facebook”);
  • Generate a backup.html file, which is a fully contained package of the full versions of all files from users’ Facebook profiles;
  • Convert friends’ information into .vcf Outlook contact files; and
  • Recover all files into a second Facebook account.

You can backup your Facebook by visiting

Take a gander at the article and learn more about SOS and Facebook!

SOS Online Backup Backs Up Your Digital Life

October 13, 2011
SOS Online Backup

SOS Online Backup Backs Up Your Digital Life

We at SOS Online Backup are thrilled to announce our newest version of our online backup service.

SOS Online Backup now backs up your entire digital life.

We do it all: iPhone, iPad, Facebook, Mac, PC, and and Android.

Visit to give our free trial a test run!In addition to our backup features, we offer unlimited archiving, continuous data backup, worldwide access, super fast backup speed, enhanced security (three-tiered), multiple PCs, and unlimited versioning!We look forward to helping you manage, secure, and back up your entire digital life.

Unlimited versioning and archiving! for Free: Making the Impossible… Possible

June 3, 2011

Let’s talk about restoring your files within a specified period. Versioning allows you to roll back to any point in time & recover data environment at that point. Version is what is created every time a document gets changed, and is backed up to the cloud. Having unlimited versions is not just good-to-have, it’s a must have, whether from a business compliance perspective, or much more personal like retrieving historical tax records.

Standard online backup providers keep up to 30 versions of your files or might retain a 4 week history of all your files you backup. Or worse there are providers who provided inexpensive per GB backup, but what they don’t disclose is they charge per version. So if you take a 1 GB file and version it for 30 days that’s not 15 cents anymore, it is actually $4.50. And if you back it up over a year, and running the backup nightly, and that document has changes daily, theoretically you could have 365 versions of that document. So unless your provider gives you unlimited free versioning, you are dealing with 365 GB of that file. And you are getting charged for 365 GB backup, not just for a 1 GB file. For a true Disaster Recovery solution, or for businesses requiring HIPAA / SOX & other compliances, where you have to retain all versions of data files for up to 7 years or more, this would be extremely expensive. SOLUTION: Unlimited Free Versioning.

Unlimited Versioning and Archiving for Free

Another well obscured secret in the Online Backup industry is Archiving. You are backing up a file to the cloud and you delete the file from your PC. Traditional online backup providers will delete that file from the cloud.  They do that on the basis that keeping the file will then make it an archive because you have removed it from your local environment.  And that’s a very naïve & hazardous approach to online backup product design.  What we have learned is that more than 60% of single file recoveries on our system are for accidental file deletion.  Summarizing that down, users delete data, they do it by accident, they don’t mean to.  What they want from their backup service is somebody who is going to protect them against their own mistakes.  So deleting that data from the cloud really is poor product design. Read the rest of this entry »

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