Cloud Backup for Holiday Fun : Data Backup Options

December 27, 2011

The holidays are approaching quickly and I’m seeing the usual trends.  My work with residential clients is winding down for the year while my corporate clients are keeping me hopping with spending the last of the year’s budgets before the rapidly approaching deadline.  The funny thing is the fact that my corporate clients are generally on a pretty solid technology base, having had consistent IT support throughout the year, while the residential clients are actually the ones adding new technology without the thought of the infrastructure required to sustain it.


Normally infrastructure is a word that people associate with corporate networks and information technology.  Infrastructure is the backbone of the network, the ‘back end’, encompassing the equipment, systems and processes that help keep the actual ‘front end’ equipment running smoothly.  What’s the difference?


We all know the front-end equipment.  It’s what we use and what we play with at home.  iTunes, game software, printers and the sweet machine we’ve built to play the most modern and immersive games.  All of these devices have to be supported by the back-end.


How does that multiplayer online game work?  From your PC, the data travels to a switch (if you have multiple devices) then to a router before flitting off to the Internet.  If any of those devices fail or are underpowered, the front-end experience suffers.

Let’s discuss some of the back-end equipment and systems I think every home user should be thinking about this holiday season.


How much storage space do you have?  These are your hard drives, where actual data is stored.  Data can be anything from the mass of songs purchased through the online music service to the photos and videos from your family event.

Ask these questions:

1. Do I have enough storage space?  Do I need to add an external hard drive for storage?

2. What happens if any of these devices fail?  Can I recover the data?


We gather data because we want to keep it.  Sounds like a simple concept.  We take pictures because we want to look at them later just as we download songs because we want to listen to them down the road.  The storage systems we use today in modern computing are prone to failure, so we have to have a system in place for that eventuality.

Ask these questions:

1. What am I willing to lose?

2. For the items not falling into question 1, how are you protecting them?

Keep Thinking

If you’ve read any of my articles in the past, you probably know that I’m going to give you a lecture about backing up your data.  You’re certainly in the right on that point, but I’m going to also give you some insight about where I’m coming from.  As a computer consultant with more years under my belt than I usually like to admit, I’ve found that the most effective thing I can do to as a business is to keep my customers happy.  Customers are always happy when I can provide the newest technology, bells and whistles.  It all falls down though if the fancy accounting system I installed crashes and all of their financial data is lost.  Recommending good backup strategies help me keep customers, both residential and corporate.  The biggest addition they bring to my bottom line is helping me keep that customer after disaster eventually hits.  I hate to tell a customer that they’ve lost data and I’ve had to do just that far more often than I like.

Think about your back-end at home.  You love the front-end toys and gizmos, so keep up the care and feeding of the systems that make them work.

— The Backup Master New App Offers Complete Facebook Profile Backup

October 19, 2011 asks a very important question:

What if you suddenly lost access to all of the photos, videos, status updates, wall posts, friends’ information, and other data on your Facebook account?

At SOS, we thought this was a pretty important question, so we came up with a solution to address it. 8 million Facebook users have in the past been locked out of their accounts or their accounts had been hacked, and the data compromised. Our newest edition of SOS Online Backup backs up your entire digital life, protecting all of your data on Facebook and consequently protecting your friends.

The things that you can do in SOS Social Backup include:

  • Speedy, simple setup (we signed up in seconds and received an email about our first successful backup in minutes);
  • Customize settings and choose which elements of Facebook profiles to back up, and when;
  • You can view your backup history and restore profiles to any of the saved dates or times;
  • Go back and look at what your Facebook profile looked like at any backup point (Shaw called it “a time machine for Facebook”);
  • Generate a backup.html file, which is a fully contained package of the full versions of all files from users’ Facebook profiles;
  • Convert friends’ information into .vcf Outlook contact files; and
  • Recover all files into a second Facebook account.

You can backup your Facebook by visiting

Take a gander at the article and learn more about SOS and Facebook!

ZDnet: Backup your Facebook Account with this new SOS app

October 14, 2011

ZDnet just let loose it’s article about SOS Online Backup! ZDnet, your trusted technology source, covers SOS’s new Social Backup component. You are storing information about your friends, prized memories and photos, and contact information on your Facebook profile, aren’t you? We here at SOS sure are, and we wanted to create a product that protects that information.

Emil Protalinski at ZDNet writes:

SOS Online Backup, a company that provides cloud backup and data protection, has released a new version of its offering that protects your entire digital life: iOS and Android mobile devices, an exclusive Facebook backup app, and the latest PC and Mac platforms. Obviously the middle one is what I’m most interested in.

SOS Social Backup, the new Facebook backup app, lets you backup and protect your profile data, including all of your friends, contact info, pictures, wall posts, and other account information. Once you’ve set it up, you can browse or restore any of the saved information.

Considering how much personal data people are uploading to Facebook these days, it makes sense to have a backup solution. What if Facebook loses all of your data somehow? What if a malicious hacker (or “friend”) decides to delete a bunch of your content? What if you want to save your data in order to switch to another social network? SOS Social Backup is supposed to be your answer to all these questions.

SOS recognizes that people spread their data over multiple devices. It’s our job to help you protect your data, no matter where it is.

“Consumers today have their data spread out over multiple devices and scattered around the web on social networks,” SOS Online Backup CEO Ken Shaw said in a statement. “SOS backs up your entire digital life, providing the first truly all-in-one solution for the everyday protection of your important information, photos, videos, documents and any other digital content. Offering free options for simple backup and Facebook, as well as customizable solutions for any individual or business, SOS can work for anyone.”

View the full ZDnet article on SOS Online Backup here.

Computerworld: SOS Online Backup launches cloud backup for Facebook, devices

October 14, 2011

Computerworld shared our newest announcement with the world yesterday: the introduction of backup for your entire digital life, including Facebook. In addition to Facebook backup, one of SOS’s best features is free unlimited archiving. In case you hadn’t thought about why it’s so important to back up multiple versions of your data, and not be charged for it every time, Computerworld and SOS CEO Ken Shaw offered some clarity:

Perhaps the biggest differentiator that the company pitches is that is offers “file versioning” in the cloud, or the ability to get multiple versions of a file based on when changes were made to it. Users are able to roll back in time to as many versions as they want, similar to what users can do locally on Apple’s Time Machine backup utility.

“For businesses this is extremely powerful,” Shaw said. “Regulations like [the Sarbanes-Oxley Act] require companies in some industries to keep archives for up to seven years. Those features are free with us.”

SOS Online Backup launches cloud backup for Facebook, devices

Protect your friends and protect your digital life (and your business) with SOS Online Backup:

PC Mag: SOS Online Backup Adds Facebook Backup

October 13, 2011 covered our announcement of our newest SOS Online Backup version. They (like us and a lot of you) are quite excited about our Facebook app!

Check out their article here: SOS Online Backup Adds Facebook Backup

What’s the motivation for these new offerings? “We’re seeing more and more of our users’ data sitting in different spots,” said Shaw. “A lot of data is starting to accumulate in mobile devices and in various cloud accounts, with Google Apps and Facebook being in the lead. With version 5, we’ve got solutions for all of that data.”

With so many people storing so much personal data on Facebook these days, it makes sense to have some insurance against losing all of it in the case of hacking. Or you may just move to a new social network platform some day and want to take the Facebook content with you. SOS Social Backup is tailor made for these cases. It backs up your Friends, photos, wall posts, messages, and video. After you’ve set it up, you can browse or restore any of the saved information.


Of course, you can always download a free trial for home users at our website

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