Tales of Home Online Backup: 20,000 Family Memories…Poof! – Personal Data Backup

November 8, 2011

One of my customers brought me his personal laptop the other day.  This is the laptop that sits on the kitchen counter and is used by the whole family.  It’s the oldest computer in the house, and it just sort of chugs along like the good old war-horse that it is.  The case around the display was cracked years ago, so the laptop won’t even close.  Jerry brought it in to me, propped open in its normal position.

“It wouldn’t boot up this morning.  It just gives me a flashing white line on a black screen.”  Jerry said, looking more concerned than I would have though over apparent death of a Jurassic laptop.

It didn’t take me very long to diagnose the problem.  Something happened to the hard drive.

“I think it’s time for a new laptop, Jerry.”  I said.  “Was the important stuff backed up?”

Jerry looked a little sheepish.  I had installed a slick backup system at this office the year before, with an online backup service to supplement their existing external hard drive backups.  Apparently this was a little better than the backup system he had at home.

“What’s the most important stuff on there?”  I asked.

“Family pictures.”

“No promises.”  I said, not thinking my odds were very good.

Fortunately for Jerry, the hard drive was still spinning, so it had a little life left.  I spent about three hours before I was even able to get a Windows machine to recognize that there were still files on the disk.  It found what I would estimate was about half of the files on the machine.  Jerry was lucky.  One of the folders it found was his My Pictures folder.  I don’t know how many were supposed to be in there, but I was able to recover over 20,000 pictures.

When I delivered the files to Jerry the next morning, he was pretty happy about it.  I had to give him the grief, however.  That’s my job.

“Let’s talk about backup, Jerry.”  I said.

“I know, I know, but…”

I cut him off.  “20,000 family memories, poof.”

Jerry has aligned his home and business backup strategies now.  While he has two layers of backup at the office, he’s just using online backup for home.  It provides him with a safe copy of his data, stored in the cloud.  There’s a new laptop on the kitchen counter now, with all the bells and whistles.  Jerry can rest assured that while he dodged the bullet this time, he’ll be prepared when the new one reaches its golden years.

— The Backup Master

ZDnet: Backup your Facebook Account with this new SOS app

October 14, 2011

ZDnet just let loose it’s article about SOS Online Backup! ZDnet, your trusted technology source, covers SOS’s new Social Backup component. You are storing information about your friends, prized memories and photos, and contact information on your Facebook profile, aren’t you? We here at SOS sure are, and we wanted to create a product that protects that information.

Emil Protalinski at ZDNet writes:

SOS Online Backup, a company that provides cloud backup and data protection, has released a new version of its offering that protects your entire digital life: iOS and Android mobile devices, an exclusive Facebook backup app, and the latest PC and Mac platforms. Obviously the middle one is what I’m most interested in.

SOS Social Backup, the new Facebook backup app, lets you backup and protect your profile data, including all of your friends, contact info, pictures, wall posts, and other account information. Once you’ve set it up, you can browse or restore any of the saved information.

Considering how much personal data people are uploading to Facebook these days, it makes sense to have a backup solution. What if Facebook loses all of your data somehow? What if a malicious hacker (or “friend”) decides to delete a bunch of your content? What if you want to save your data in order to switch to another social network? SOS Social Backup is supposed to be your answer to all these questions.

SOS recognizes that people spread their data over multiple devices. It’s our job to help you protect your data, no matter where it is.

“Consumers today have their data spread out over multiple devices and scattered around the web on social networks,” SOS Online Backup CEO Ken Shaw said in a statement. “SOS backs up your entire digital life, providing the first truly all-in-one solution for the everyday protection of your important information, photos, videos, documents and any other digital content. Offering free options for simple backup and Facebook, as well as customizable solutions for any individual or business, SOS can work for anyone.”

View the full ZDnet article on SOS Online Backup here.

PC Mag: SOS Online Backup Adds Facebook Backup

October 13, 2011

PCMag.com covered our announcement of our newest SOS Online Backup version. They (like us and a lot of you) are quite excited about our Facebook app!

Check out their article here: SOS Online Backup Adds Facebook Backup

What’s the motivation for these new offerings? “We’re seeing more and more of our users’ data sitting in different spots,” said Shaw. “A lot of data is starting to accumulate in mobile devices and in various cloud accounts, with Google Apps and Facebook being in the lead. With version 5, we’ve got solutions for all of that data.”

With so many people storing so much personal data on Facebook these days, it makes sense to have some insurance against losing all of it in the case of hacking. Or you may just move to a new social network platform some day and want to take the Facebook content with you. SOS Social Backup is tailor made for these cases. It backs up your Friends, photos, wall posts, messages, and video. After you’ve set it up, you can browse or restore any of the saved information.


Of course, you can always download a free trial for home users at our website SOSOnlineBackup.com.

SOS Online Backup Backs Up Your Digital Life

October 13, 2011
SOS Online Backup

SOS Online Backup Backs Up Your Digital Life

We at SOS Online Backup are thrilled to announce our newest version of our online backup service.

SOS Online Backup now backs up your entire digital life.

We do it all: iPhone, iPad, Facebook, Mac, PC, and and Android.

Visit  http://www.sosonlinebackup.com/ to give our free trial a test run!In addition to our backup features, we offer unlimited archiving, continuous data backup, worldwide access, super fast backup speed, enhanced security (three-tiered), multiple PCs, and unlimited versioning!We look forward to helping you manage, secure, and back up your entire digital life.

Fixing the Yarn… with Life’s Lessons

June 28, 2011

We all get caught up in the latest terms and industry trends and tend to focus on that, but what is most important is understanding the needs of you “the customer” in the “real world”. From an Online Backup industry perspective, we see lot of chatter about ‘clouds’, ‘petabytes’, ‘storage pods’, ‘bandwidth’ & some more fancy jargons… Some of our compatriots in the cloud-based backup genre stay cocooned in a “make-believe bubble” – they feel self-important, smarter & different from competition. But they forget a basic tenet: we are in an industry to serve the need of the consumers by protecting their digital existence & identity – both personal & professional.

Going forward, periodically we are going to post some “real-life” feedback from SOS customers, their experiences with our service, both the good & the bad… It’s from their feedback we evolve & progress… & not by spinning the i’s in the Cloud…

In the words of one of our ‘White-Label’ partner:

“If you’ve ever had a computer crash, then you’ll already know the significance of backing up. However, if you’re surfing along in oblivion, stop before it’s too late. Think of all your digital photos — your child’s first birthday, last year’s summer vacation – G-O-N-E. If it’s a work computer, are there things you need for work that you’d be lost without? Back up now. Rely on SOS…”


A technology provider commending our Partner Delivery Team:

“Thank you PK…You are a superstar!

We have just moved from Louisiana to Virginia & I have been through two bad hard drives in the last 4 weeks. It has been a difficult time! Am back to work now & raring to go, thanks to your relentless support!

Thank you for your understanding.”

PK – you are a superstar indeed!

Just a happy customer:

“I switched from Mozy to SOS, and couldn’t be happier. I switched because I was upset at Mozy’s price hike, but I’m glad I did because now I can backup ALL my computers, (and I have about 6 of them) all within my plan.

Your software is techie enough to make someone like me happy and your support was able to answer all my questions.

I’m happy with your service… After you get robbed, lose your laptop, or your house burns down, you will realize that NOBODY should go without online backup. Seriously (I was robbed)!

Try to get back your lifetime worth of pictures from a computer that is gone?”

Thanks Marshall, for that. We share the same concerns, for our customers.

Our vow – we at SOS will shun the fancy bubble, & keep doing what we do best… protect your life, family & business, from data loss threats.

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