SOS Online Backup Prepares for World Backup Day

March 28, 2012

Did you know that all of the people on this earth will create 1.8 zettabytes of data this year? We are  constantly tweeting, taking photos, creating videos, writing documents, completing credit card transactions, and storing all of these records digitally. Businesses and individuals alike are wise to backup this data in a reliable and secure off-site data center, so that no harm can ever come to them.

World Backup Day is here to draw attention to the billions of files that are lost every year. Of course, they wouldn’t be lost, or ever at risk of it, if they were backed up properly. World Backup Day reminds us of a few very important facts about online backup:

1. It’s easy!

SOS Online Backup allows you to backup all your data with one account and schedule backups automatically. Backing up is so simple and effortless with SOS because it’s impossible to forget to do it!

You can quickly download a 175GB free trial from SOS Online Backup for Business by clicking here.

2. It’s affordable

Backing up five PCs at home is simple and affordable. SOS Online Backup for Home plans cost as little as 21 cents per day!

3. External hard drives and flash drives aren’t backup

If backups aren’t online, they aren’t secure. If backups aren’t automatic, then they aren’t guaranteed to get done as frequently as we need to do them. SOS goes the extra mile to encrypt all backed up data in three different tiers: locally, in transit, and at rest in the data center. Online backup shouldn’t just be simple, it should be secure, too!

Learn more about World Backup Day at Join the 500,000 SOS Online Backup customers around the world in protecting your data reliably and regularly!

Download your free SOS Online Backup for Home trial here.

For businesses, with more than five PCs, download your SOS Online Backup for Business trial here.

Private Cloud for Enterprise – SOS Online Backup Announces SOS Collaborate Private Cloud

January 30, 2012

SOS Online Backup is proud to announce SOS Collaborate Private Cloud. Visit the website and learn more here –

SOS Collaborate Private Cloud is an enterprise-grade groupware solution for deployment inside a firm’s private network. The private cloud deployment enables IT managers and company officers to use administrative controls included in SOS Collaborate that monitor and control user behavior. These administrative features go a long way to enhancing security of a firm’s online collaboration activities.

Click here to view the entire SOS Collaborate Private Cloud press release.

On January 30th, SOS Online Backup’s CEO Ken Shaw discussed SOS Collaborate Private Cloud bringing an enhanced level of security to document management solutions:

“Consider an employee of a defense contractor using something like Dropbox.  What happens to those files when the employee leaves the company?  That’s enough to give any CIO or CTO heartburn,” said Ken Shaw, CEO of SOS Online Backup. “Think of SOS Collaborate as a secure, enterprise-friendly Dropbox that a company can host on their own infrastructure.  I can put a file in the SOS Collaborate folder on my desktop, and immediately have it in the cloud. Then I can share it, edit it,  access it from all my devices, and without realizing it as a user, I’m doing it all over my company’s own secure infrastructure.”

SOS Collaborate brings multiple document management features to organizations of any size.

  • Sync
  • Large file sharing
  • Web-based document editing, commenting, and group notifications
  • Share secure links to files and folders
  • Flexible administrative controls
  • Audit trail reporting

Pay a visit to and let us know what you think!

UPDATE: On February 7th, 2012, Sharon Fish at Network Computing released this article on SOS Collaborate. Click here to take a look!

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