Another big update to our Android app: scheduled backup is here!

July 30, 2012

The newest version of SOS for Android adds a fantastic new feature: scheduled backup. Set your phone or tablet to automatically check for new items once per day and back them up to your private cloud. We also added an option to perform a backup each time the device is plugged into power.

Plus, there’s a new Favorites list! You can “star” any folder in your cloud to add it to Favorites for quick access.

If you have an Android device, you need SOS for Android on-board protecting your pictures, videos, music, apps, SD card and more.

The awesome download is here.

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SOS Online Backup Releases Enhanced Backup and Restore Application for Android

June 26, 2012

At SOS our engineers have been hard at work perfecting, analyzing, and improving our Android backup and restore application. Since we first released the application earlier in 2012, a lot has changed (and gotten better)!

SOS for Android comes in two account sizes, depending on just how much storage you need. Keep in mind, the standard Android device storage is 15GB. Both are available in the Google Play store.

SOS: Android + PC Backup 5GB

This free Android backup application is available to existing SOS users as well as those who want to try SOS for free. There is no additional charge or licenses to download additional applications for backing up up to 5 additional devices. Use your existing SOS account!

SOS: Android + PC Backup 15GB

This Android backup application comes with 15GB for use on Android, PC, Mac, and even iPhones. This app is available for $4.95 in the Google Play store. It is free to download additional applications for backing up up to 5 additional devices. Use your existing SOS account to backup up to 5 devices.

SOS for Android has two primary functions: backup and restore. The Protect tool enables users to select which files on their device they would like to backup to their cloud. Pictures, videos, music and applications are backed up with a single tap on each. Other files on the device, including those on SD storage, can be selected as well. Also, unlike many services, including Dropbox and Google Drive, SOS uses “client-side” encryption in all cases – meaning files are always encoded and protected before being transferred over the Internet.

Restoring data is simple with the “My Cloud” function. In My Cloud, users have instant access to all of the files in their personal cloud including those from other devices and computers. Files can be downloaded then opened in any other app on the device for viewing or editing.

The new SOS for Android app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. Current subscribers can access their existing account and new users can start a free trial in-app – new accounts can also be used to backup any other PCs, Macs or iPhones/iPads. Starting at $4.95/year for 15GB of backup storage, SOS is simple and affordable.

Mobile Backup Apps : SOS Online Backup Launches Version 1.2 of Android + PC Backup Application

April 9, 2012

SOS Online Backup just launched the newest version of its Android + PC backup application! This new version not only backs up your Android, but still comes standard with 15GB of online backup for all of your devices.

This complete backup application now includes these handy features:

  • Resumable file upload and download
  • Ability to select entire folders for backup
  • An option to upload or download over wi-fi only
As usual, this Android backup application still includes a whopping 15GB of secure online backup for use with ALL your platforms and devices.

The SOS 15GB Android + PC backup app backs up the phone’s SD card and applications. The app also offers a download for SOS Online Backup for PC or Mac, and gives you access to Facebook backup. The SOS 15GB Android + PC Backup application is the key to backing up all of your platforms and all of your devices.

Click here to download the SOS 15GB Android + PC Backup application from Google Play.

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How to Backup Android? SOS Online Backup Releases Android Backup Application With 15 GB of Secure Online Backup

February 14, 2012

We’ve all done it. We’ve lost our phones, broken our phones, dropped them in a toilet or done any number of embarrassing things to damage them. Maybe you had some photos and videos stored on that phone that were irreplaceable. Now it’s possible to back up and restore Android phone and tablet data with SOS Online Backup.

SOS Online Backup is proud to announce our newest brainchild – the Backup Android + PC 15 GB application. This app is available in the Android Market with a PC or Mac software download.

This app is the only Android backup and restore tool that comes with 15 GB of secure online backup. Like all SOS products, you can  access your backed up data in your cloud at any time, from any device.

This Android backup and restore application gives you truly total online backup:

  • Backup 5 PCs
  • Backup your Android SD card and applications
  • Backup your 5 Mac computers
  • Access backed up files from all of these devices in your account at
This new application from SOS Online Backup is only $4.95 in the Android Market – and you get SOS Online Backup for your home PCs too!
  • Get 15 GB of online backup for your PC, Android and Mac
  •  Access your Android, PC and Mac data anytime, anywhere
  •  Android app backup and restore
  •  Android SD card backup – including Android photo, video, and audio file backup
  •  Backup and restore Android apps and files to any device – including a new Android
  •  A total backup bundle for Android, PC and Mac

Don’t risk losing data of any kind – on your Android, your PC, or Mac. Download the Backup Android + PC 15 GB app today. Click here to visit our page in the Android Market.

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