Mobile Backup Apps : SOS Online Backup Launches Version 1.2 of Android + PC Backup Application

April 9, 2012

SOS Online Backup just launched the newest version of its Android + PC backup application! This new version not only backs up your Android, but still comes standard with 15GB of online backup for all of your devices.

This complete backup application now includes these handy features:

  • Resumable file upload and download
  • Ability to select entire folders for backup
  • An option to upload or download over wi-fi only
As usual, this Android backup application still includes a whopping 15GB of secure online backup for use with ALL your platforms and devices.

The SOS 15GB Android + PC backup app backs up the phone’s SD card and applications. The app also offers a download for SOS Online Backup for PC or Mac, and gives you access to Facebook backup. The SOS 15GB Android + PC Backup application is the key to backing up all of your platforms and all of your devices.

Click here to download the SOS 15GB Android + PC Backup application from Google Play.

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