In 2012, Move Your Business Backup to the Cloud : Secure your Business Data Now!

Today’s entry is for business owners.  I’m going to remind you again at the first of the new year, but let’s get a jump start on those resolutions.  If you don’t make resolutions for your business like you would for yourself, it’s high time to consider it.  Here are a pair of resolutions I think you should consider, for the future of your business:

Move to the Cloud

You’ve heard the buzzword.  What does it mean?  Cloud services basically offload your storage and processing power to servers located offsite and are accessible via the internet.  For you, it means lower cost of equipment as workstations don’t have to have nearly as much horsepower.  Lower to mid-range desktops do just fine with cloud-based applications and services.  This isn’t going away.  Look to see more and more products you use on your desktop to no longer be sold as stand-alone software.  Some cloud services that are available now:

  • Hosted Email – Even for corporate Exchange environments
  • Accounting Software – Online versions of some of the biggest names in accounting are available in cloud service form.
  • Productivity Software – Even MS Office has become a cloud product.  The flat monthly fees mean you don’t have to buy a new version of Office again.

Backup, Backup, Backup

One more time.  Backup.  Can I say it too many times?  Ask yourself these two questions before you skim over this section again.

  • Is everything being backed up?
  • How long has it been since a restore has been tested?

If you’re not 100% in the know of both of these answers, the answers probably aren’t what you would want them to be.  Data loss is one of the killers of businesses.  I have had the unfortunate experience of witnessing two of these cases over my years as a consultant.  Critical data was lost and the company was unable to recover.  Trust me, it’s a reality.

The quickest and easiest entry point into a good backup is by using an online backup service.  Not only are your files backed up automatically, they are securely stored in a remote location, protecting your business from larger-scale disasters such as fire, flooding and theft.

So start planning your resolutions now, or jump right in and make them happen.  At the very least, make yourself aware of what is available and more importantly, make yourself aware of the consequences if you don’t take action.  In today’s modern world, the last reason businesses should fail is data loss.

— The Backup Master

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