Channel Reseller News: SOS Online Backup Adds Bare Metal Recovery to Cloud Backup

Joe Kovar of CRN announced SOS ServerSave to the reseller community on today. Joe spoke with Ken Shaw, CEO of SOS Online Backup, earlier this week about SOS’s newest announcement and how it will change the game in the MSP, VAR, and reseller community.

 The company provides a complete “business-in-a-box” with all the needed tools to help partners add on-line backup and recovery to their business, Shaw said.

“We’re helping partners move from break-fix to managed services, all at 50-plus-percent margins for partners,” he said.

New this month is ServerSave, which combines bare metal recovery along with on-line protection for Microsoft Exchange and Windows servers and applications into a single solution.

The new bare metal recovery capability manages all SQL, Exchange, and SharePoint images, dedupes them, and backs them up to the cloud, Shaw said. If customers need to recover an application, the images can be downloaded onto any available physical server and booted, he said. “You can even boot them in the cloud sometimes,” he said.

SOS has also added the ability to roll back an application to any point of time in the past, a feature that allows a business to recover the data in an application from as far back as needed. Shaw said that typical cloud storage providers are limited to recovery points stretching back only 30 days.

SOS ServerSave has changed things drastically for the reseller community, take it from Matt Bernard of One Click Technology Group who spoke to Joe about the product launch.

 “The release of ServerSave changed how our company approached this business,” he said. “To say my mind was blown away was an understatement. This is a real game changer.”

Cloud-based backup had been offered to customers, the largest of which has 25 employees, as an impulse buy, Bernard said. “We’d say, yeah, we sell that, too,” he said. “Now we’re working with a partner bringing out a product we’re super-psyched about.”

Before SOS introduced ServerSave, it was hard to find a good centralized bare metal recovery solution, Bernard said.

“Most solutions fail,” he said. “SOS has integrated bare metal recovery and the other features into a single system. That’s awesome. No more jumping to another system for SQL backups, and no more doing some magic tricks to get bare metal recovery. If ServerSave does 40 percent of what SOS promised, it will be a great solution.”

Check out the article here on If you’re interested about finding more about our reseller program and SOS ServerSave, call our Partner Specialists at 877.896.3611 or visit our SOS ServerSave webpage.

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