SOS ServerSave: Good Words from the MSP Community : Online Backup Partner Review

On Tuesday, SOS launched our newest business product suite – SOS ServerSave. We’re very excited about this launch and our partners are as well! Here is the initial response from our partner, Matt Bernard, CIO of One Click Technology Group, LLC.

“…yesterday’s webinar with Ken blew all preconceived notions regarding backup out of the water [and blew my mind].  ServerSave and the latest offerings from SOS, in my opinion, are set to not only change the backup game, the product is poised to kill off many of the ideals and technologies that have been plaguing backup since 1980.  Frankly, this is how this market should work and, SHOULD HAVE worked since the turn of the new millennium.”

The webinar Matt is referring to is located here, available for you to review at your leisure.

Matt goes on to say:

“We can now go to [and back to] our ‘mom-and-pops’ and bring them a FULL, no-hassle, highly available/redundant solution that covers their data and systems, soup-to-nuts.  At a great price.  And, guess what?  We can, immediately, with the same solution…engage mid-size and large companies, at a lower cost as I believe the pure power of ServerSave decreases our cost of acquisition; who wouldn’t fall in love with this solution at the pitch?  Secondly, we know without a doubt, that we have a solid partner to lean on when things get rough.  Lastly, highly competitive price point.  All of this means a product that is highly sale-able for us, all…day…long.”

If you’d like to learn more about SOS ServerSave and see what Matt is talking about, check out our features list and give our Partner Specialists a call to see how you can evolve your online backup business with SOS ServerSave at 877.896.3611.

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