New App Offers Complete Facebook Profile Backup asks a very important question:

What if you suddenly lost access to all of the photos, videos, status updates, wall posts, friends’ information, and other data on your Facebook account?

At SOS, we thought this was a pretty important question, so we came up with a solution to address it. 8 million Facebook users have in the past been locked out of their accounts or their accounts had been hacked, and the data compromised. Our newest edition of SOS Online Backup backs up your entire digital life, protecting all of your data on Facebook and consequently protecting your friends.

The things that you can do in SOS Social Backup include:

  • Speedy, simple setup (we signed up in seconds and received an email about our first successful backup in minutes);
  • Customize settings and choose which elements of Facebook profiles to back up, and when;
  • You can view your backup history and restore profiles to any of the saved dates or times;
  • Go back and look at what your Facebook profile looked like at any backup point (Shaw called it “a time machine for Facebook”);
  • Generate a backup.html file, which is a fully contained package of the full versions of all files from users’ Facebook profiles;
  • Convert friends’ information into .vcf Outlook contact files; and
  • Recover all files into a second Facebook account.

You can backup your Facebook by visiting

Take a gander at the article and learn more about SOS and Facebook!

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