ZDnet: Backup your Facebook Account with this new SOS app

ZDnet just let loose it’s article about SOS Online Backup! ZDnet, your trusted technology source, covers SOS’s new Social Backup component. You are storing information about your friends, prized memories and photos, and contact information on your Facebook profile, aren’t you? We here at SOS sure are, and we wanted to create a product that protects that information.

Emil Protalinski at ZDNet writes:

SOS Online Backup, a company that provides cloud backup and data protection, has released a new version of its offering that protects your entire digital life: iOS and Android mobile devices, an exclusive Facebook backup app, and the latest PC and Mac platforms. Obviously the middle one is what I’m most interested in.

SOS Social Backup, the new Facebook backup app, lets you backup and protect your profile data, including all of your friends, contact info, pictures, wall posts, and other account information. Once you’ve set it up, you can browse or restore any of the saved information.

Considering how much personal data people are uploading to Facebook these days, it makes sense to have a backup solution. What if Facebook loses all of your data somehow? What if a malicious hacker (or “friend”) decides to delete a bunch of your content? What if you want to save your data in order to switch to another social network? SOS Social Backup is supposed to be your answer to all these questions.

SOS recognizes that people spread their data over multiple devices. It’s our job to help you protect your data, no matter where it is.

“Consumers today have their data spread out over multiple devices and scattered around the web on social networks,” SOS Online Backup CEO Ken Shaw said in a statement. “SOS backs up your entire digital life, providing the first truly all-in-one solution for the everyday protection of your important information, photos, videos, documents and any other digital content. Offering free options for simple backup and Facebook, as well as customizable solutions for any individual or business, SOS can work for anyone.”

View the full ZDnet article on SOS Online Backup here.

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