PC Mag: SOS Online Backup Adds Facebook Backup

PCMag.com covered our announcement of our newest SOS Online Backup version. They (like us and a lot of you) are quite excited about our Facebook app!

Check out their article here: SOS Online Backup Adds Facebook Backup

What’s the motivation for these new offerings? “We’re seeing more and more of our users’ data sitting in different spots,” said Shaw. “A lot of data is starting to accumulate in mobile devices and in various cloud accounts, with Google Apps and Facebook being in the lead. With version 5, we’ve got solutions for all of that data.”

With so many people storing so much personal data on Facebook these days, it makes sense to have some insurance against losing all of it in the case of hacking. Or you may just move to a new social network platform some day and want to take the Facebook content with you. SOS Social Backup is tailor made for these cases. It backs up your Friends, photos, wall posts, messages, and video. After you’ve set it up, you can browse or restore any of the saved information.


Of course, you can always download a free trial for home users at our website SOSOnlineBackup.com.

One Response to PC Mag: SOS Online Backup Adds Facebook Backup

  1. Elvin Kastl says:

    Hey! Good stuff, do tell us when you lastly post something like this!

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