Unlimited versioning and archiving! for Free: Making the Impossible… Possible

Let’s talk about restoring your files within a specified period. Versioning allows you to roll back to any point in time & recover data environment at that point. Version is what is created every time a document gets changed, and is backed up to the cloud. Having unlimited versions is not just good-to-have, it’s a must have, whether from a business compliance perspective, or much more personal like retrieving historical tax records.

Standard online backup providers keep up to 30 versions of your files or might retain a 4 week history of all your files you backup. Or worse there are providers who provided inexpensive per GB backup, but what they don’t disclose is they charge per version. So if you take a 1 GB file and version it for 30 days that’s not 15 cents anymore, it is actually $4.50. And if you back it up over a year, and running the backup nightly, and that document has changes daily, theoretically you could have 365 versions of that document. So unless your provider gives you unlimited free versioning, you are dealing with 365 GB of that file. And you are getting charged for 365 GB backup, not just for a 1 GB file. For a true Disaster Recovery solution, or for businesses requiring HIPAA / SOX & other compliances, where you have to retain all versions of data files for up to 7 years or more, this would be extremely expensive. SOLUTION: Unlimited Free Versioning.

Unlimited Versioning and Archiving for Free

Another well obscured secret in the Online Backup industry is Archiving. You are backing up a file to the cloud and you delete the file from your PC. Traditional online backup providers will delete that file from the cloud.  They do that on the basis that keeping the file will then make it an archive because you have removed it from your local environment.  And that’s a very naïve & hazardous approach to online backup product design.  What we have learned is that more than 60% of single file recoveries on our system are for accidental file deletion.  Summarizing that down, users delete data, they do it by accident, they don’t mean to.  What they want from their backup service is somebody who is going to protect them against their own mistakes.  So deleting that data from the cloud really is poor product design.

An ideal Disaster Recovery solution will build archiving directly into the product by default, which means if you delete that file from your PC, backup provider is going to keep a copy of it archived in the cloud for you until you tell them to remove it from the cloud. For those businesses who are required by Federal or State Law to keep offsite archives and anybody subject to HIPAA compliance, this is a cardinal feature. A must have.

Unlimited Versioning & Unlimited Archiving are among those incredible features offered by SOS Online Backup, which our users swear by, & one of the reasons why we get PC Magazine Editors’ Choice award, year on year.

Nobody else in the market really has an unlimited versioning & archiving system that competes with SOS.

We know from our pioneering research & years of experience that data loss occurs mostly due to accidental deletion and hence Unlimited Archiving is crucial.  While other online backup providers delete the stored data when it is deleted by the user in their system, SOS still retains the data until the user instructs to do so, thus your data is safely stored in the SOS data grid even if you delete the data in your system. Similarly, even if you keep 365 versions of a 1 GB file, we only charge you for 1 version out of those.  The 364 versions, 364 GB are stored forever and for free by us and it is not limited to one year.  We have customers with over 5-7 years of data in the backup grid.

Infinite versioning and unlimited archiving does not affect the total storage space that you have bought.  While none of the competitors in the market can do it or have the necessary technology to do so, SOS gives it absolutely free.  It actually saves you hundreds or thousands of dollars.

So rejoice! Keep an unlimited version history of all your files. Roll back your books to last year’s tax records if you wish. Use SOS time machine feature to go back to the date you want to restore your backup and recover that snapshot of files & versions.

We indeed make the impossible… possible!

Bring home the award winning and the most powerful online backup tool. Home users start backing up now!

Business users contact us for some fabulous offers!

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