Fixing the Yarn… with Life’s Lessons

June 28, 2011

We all get caught up in the latest terms and industry trends and tend to focus on that, but what is most important is understanding the needs of you “the customer” in the “real world”. From an Online Backup industry perspective, we see lot of chatter about ‘clouds’, ‘petabytes’, ‘storage pods’, ‘bandwidth’ & some more fancy jargons… Some of our compatriots in the cloud-based backup genre stay cocooned in a “make-believe bubble” – they feel self-important, smarter & different from competition. But they forget a basic tenet: we are in an industry to serve the need of the consumers by protecting their digital existence & identity – both personal & professional.

Going forward, periodically we are going to post some “real-life” feedback from SOS customers, their experiences with our service, both the good & the bad… It’s from their feedback we evolve & progress… & not by spinning the i’s in the Cloud…

In the words of one of our ‘White-Label’ partner:

“If you’ve ever had a computer crash, then you’ll already know the significance of backing up. However, if you’re surfing along in oblivion, stop before it’s too late. Think of all your digital photos — your child’s first birthday, last year’s summer vacation – G-O-N-E. If it’s a work computer, are there things you need for work that you’d be lost without? Back up now. Rely on SOS…”


A technology provider commending our Partner Delivery Team:

“Thank you PK…You are a superstar!

We have just moved from Louisiana to Virginia & I have been through two bad hard drives in the last 4 weeks. It has been a difficult time! Am back to work now & raring to go, thanks to your relentless support!

Thank you for your understanding.”

PK – you are a superstar indeed!

Just a happy customer:

“I switched from Mozy to SOS, and couldn’t be happier. I switched because I was upset at Mozy’s price hike, but I’m glad I did because now I can backup ALL my computers, (and I have about 6 of them) all within my plan.

Your software is techie enough to make someone like me happy and your support was able to answer all my questions.

I’m happy with your service… After you get robbed, lose your laptop, or your house burns down, you will realize that NOBODY should go without online backup. Seriously (I was robbed)!

Try to get back your lifetime worth of pictures from a computer that is gone?”

Thanks Marshall, for that. We share the same concerns, for our customers.

Our vow – we at SOS will shun the fancy bubble, & keep doing what we do best… protect your life, family & business, from data loss threats.

Unlimited versioning and archiving! for Free: Making the Impossible… Possible

June 3, 2011

Let’s talk about restoring your files within a specified period. Versioning allows you to roll back to any point in time & recover data environment at that point. Version is what is created every time a document gets changed, and is backed up to the cloud. Having unlimited versions is not just good-to-have, it’s a must have, whether from a business compliance perspective, or much more personal like retrieving historical tax records.

Standard online backup providers keep up to 30 versions of your files or might retain a 4 week history of all your files you backup. Or worse there are providers who provided inexpensive per GB backup, but what they don’t disclose is they charge per version. So if you take a 1 GB file and version it for 30 days that’s not 15 cents anymore, it is actually $4.50. And if you back it up over a year, and running the backup nightly, and that document has changes daily, theoretically you could have 365 versions of that document. So unless your provider gives you unlimited free versioning, you are dealing with 365 GB of that file. And you are getting charged for 365 GB backup, not just for a 1 GB file. For a true Disaster Recovery solution, or for businesses requiring HIPAA / SOX & other compliances, where you have to retain all versions of data files for up to 7 years or more, this would be extremely expensive. SOLUTION: Unlimited Free Versioning.

Unlimited Versioning and Archiving for Free

Another well obscured secret in the Online Backup industry is Archiving. You are backing up a file to the cloud and you delete the file from your PC. Traditional online backup providers will delete that file from the cloud.  They do that on the basis that keeping the file will then make it an archive because you have removed it from your local environment.  And that’s a very naïve & hazardous approach to online backup product design.  What we have learned is that more than 60% of single file recoveries on our system are for accidental file deletion.  Summarizing that down, users delete data, they do it by accident, they don’t mean to.  What they want from their backup service is somebody who is going to protect them against their own mistakes.  So deleting that data from the cloud really is poor product design. Read the rest of this entry »

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