Living on the Digital Edge: Laptop Fleet Protect

While designing a data backup and disaster recovery plan in an organization, it is usually configured for nodes that are connected within the network, generally the servers and the workstations. Any data that is distributed out of the network, or living on the fringes of the network, very rarely gets covered or never covered in the disaster recovery plan. IBM estimates that up to 60% of the data in an organization is sitting “on the edge of the network” or on the “nodes that move in and out of the network”. These include laptops, mobile devices, even branch offices, which are usually not included in the central disaster recovery plan. As a result, remote user data is vulnerable, to data loss.

The data created and used by your remote team is on the very edge of your network. As such, it is often outside the reach of your central backup. Protecting the digital assets within this fleet is a unique challenge requiring a dedicated solution.

Laptop fleet protect

Some of the advanced features which you should scout for in a disaster recovery plan, to protect the data on your network’s edge are:

Continuous Data Protection

Your files should get 24×7 data protection through Cloud Sync.  All your files should be backed up whenever you make a slightest modification in them.  Every new version of your file must be backed up instantly and stored in a secured environment.  You should be able to roll back to any version of your files using time machine feature and recover the snapshot of your files and versions.

Unlimited Versioning & Archiving

Over 80% of data loss occurs due to accidental deletion.  Your backup provider should ensure that it will keep every version of every file forever until you want to remove it.  While most online backup systems will delete a file from your backup when you delete the file on your laptop, a proper backup would mean that only the user who created the file should decide when to delete it.  Your data should be kept safe until you decide to delete it. This is needed as an ideal solution for any business that’s required by law to retain all their old data.  Importantly, all this solution (ideally) should be provided free of cost to the customers.

Flexible Scheduling

With your laptop backup solution you should be able to perform an instantaneous backup any time, and schedule monthly, weekly, daily or hourly backups. It should run only when you schedule or request it, keeping you safe without impacting your system performance.  There should be easy to interpret taskbar notifications that enable you to track when your backup is running; also optional email confirmation should be provided to inform you that your backup has been completed.

SOS Online Backup is the first legitimate technology solution to offer laptop fleet protection. SOS offers all-in-one software package where you can backup all your PCs and laptops, centralized or distributed, in a single account and can access the files anywhere. With SOS backup solution, the cloud is ubiquitous, so it doesn’t matter if a laptop moves in and out of the corporate network or if the branch office is in a different state, the cloud protects your data and delivers them as required. You don’t require an IT guy to backup your data periodically, and retrieve it when it is lost. Even an end-user can just login into the account in any system, search for the file and backup easily.

SOS Laptop Fleet Protect is an installed client that connects to our secure data centers when you tell it to. The data is encrypted via 256 AES standards and only the changed, delta files are transmitted. You can Deploy, Report and Control backups across your fleet with Laptop Fleet Protect.

Protect the data that lives on the fringes of your network. Back it up from anywhere with Laptop Fleet Protect.

Bring home the award winning and the most powerful online backup tool. Home users start backing up now!

Business users contact us for some fabulous offers!

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