Online Backup – the Digital Age Locker

We are in the midst of a digital age transformation.  Our lives are ingrained in a digital universe, where our most personal information -from photos/videos to important financial records, music files, contact information, or online communications, everything has become digitized.  As a consequence, it has become a necessity now that all these information be protected and backed up, and made available when required, in real time.  Data loss is a fact of digital life. It can happen anytime, even now.  It could be due to natural disaster like floods or fire; or it could be due to failed hard disk drives or data getting corrupted through malware, or accidentally deleted.  A data loss in a home PC can end up with user losing all the contact information, photos, key financial records and music stored in the disk.  A data loss in a small business or enterprise can have a serious impact on their millions of dollars worth of business and thus affects business continuity.

Backup Solutions

Backup industry was established to address all these issues.  Traditional backup methods relied on tapes as a medium to store the data, but it was difficult to maintain, expensive and restoring the data proved to be a complex process.  Storage process then shifted its gear towards CD-ROMs, DVDs, and external hard disks.  Since most of these backup devices were stored in the same location along with PCs they backed up, the chances of data getting destroyed with local floods or fires, or other forms of malafide data breach were higher.   With the emergence of high speed internet services, online backup solutions became a popular and easier method of backup.

Online Backup Services

Online backup is very simple software, which once installed runs automatically as scheduled without any user intervention.  Data gets stored with military-grade security standards as it leaves user’s system and is stored in multiple geographical locations, thereby protecting it from local disasters such as fires and flood.

Apart from this, online backup services provides vital features like Unlimited Versioning that enables users to save each version of their files, Unlimited Archiving that enables retention of data until it’s instructed to delete and Continuous Data Protection feature where the data is backed up as and when it is created or modified.  SOS Online Backup enables users to backup unlimited computers in a single license and also provides free integrated local backups.  SOS Online Backup enables user to access their data on mobile phones and iPhone.  Most importantly, SOS Online Backup complies with several federal regulations for data backup, so it is an extremely secure service.

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